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k i wanna take a second to clear something up here.

This man, fought for the lives of an entire planet, for the future of life on earth as we know it. This man aimed to take down an organization that aimed to make free will a memory…not even a memory, they wouldnt have let you remember it even existed. This man Wanted nothing more than to just be normal, he was happy as a bartender, but like all of his ancestors before him he wasnt given a choice. He was dragged into a conflict he wanted no part of but in time he began to see that he was one of very few who knew the truth and could save humanity from not one disastrous scenario but two. One that not even our creators, beings of near omnipotence and omniscience were able to prevent from destroying them. This man has lived three lives in addition to his own trying to figure out some way to stop the impending doom, gone through kidnappings, being forced to kill the woman who saved his life (even if she was going to betray him), a coma, and before any of that a traumatic childhood with an imprisoning father. 

And many call him lame, useless, pathetic compared to his ancestors. His ancestors did not face such permanence in their destruction, lost family members and an entire order depending on them sure, but never the world, the fate of the human race was never squarely dropped dead on Ezio or Altair’s back even less so Connor’s. 

So let us take a minute to revisit this man’s exploits. The ones he could have walked away from anytime. He could have said, “Fuck it, Let the world end. it isnt my problem.” But he didnt, he stayed firm and held onto his fortitude. He forged the path for not only the assassin’s to survive but for his entire species. for our species, for all life that we know.

So before you go and say desmond sucks, or desmond never did anything cool. Just remember this guy looked a God in the face and didnt just ask what to do, He demanded answers. The next time you think of him as unfit to be an assassin remember this man has lived 3 lives as the most lethal men the world has ever seen. 

And he died on a whispered hope that you might survive. So if you have something off-putting to say about this guy you can fuck right off.

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    This man, fought for the lives of an entire planet, for the future of life on earth as we know it. This man aimed to...
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